Widget FAQ

Here are a selection of questions and answers about our free Cyprus News Widget that you may find helpful.

Q) Why should I add this widget to my site?

A) It allows you to quickly add the latest Cyprus news & jobs from the widest range of reliable news sources on the net. It provides relevant, comprehensive and fresh content for your visitors. It updates constantly throughout the day – every day. You can customise the look & feel of the widget so it blends seamlessly with your own website. Your visitors remain on your site – links open in a new tab by default. No technical knowledge required, no registration needed, no maintenance required just set and forget.

Q) How much does it cost to use?

Nothing, nada, zip, ziltch, zero – it’s completely free to use.

Q) What version is this widget?

This is the first release – version 1.0 – a Beta version. Whilst this is a full working version we are still testing elements of this tool and making improvements and additions where necessary.

Q) Do I have to use the default news on my site?

A) No – You can select various other things to display such as: Latest Cyprus News, Trending Cyprus News, Latest Cyprus Jobs & Popular Cyprus Jobs.

Q) I don’t have a website can I use it?

A) No – sorry this tool is for website owners as it needs a webpage to display.

Q) Can I add this widget to a WordPress site?

A) Yes – the widget will work on WordPress and most stand alone websites.

Q) Is the widget responsive?

A) Yes – you can set the option in advanced settings to make the widget responsive. That means the widget will detect what space is available and fill it.

Q) Are there any thumbnail images shown with the headlines?

A) No – at the moment we do not display any images in the news widget for several reasons.

Q) Are there limits to the number of widgets I can add?

A) Yes – You can add one widget per page

Q) Why only one widget per page?

A) Lots of widgets on a page can affect the performance of your site, can cause conflicts with other widgets on your page and reduces resources for other widget users. Please keep it to one per page as a courtesy to other users.

Q) What languages are used?

A) We offer the option of news from both English & Greek language sources. These are not translations but completely seperate sources covering all the main publications. The Cyprus Jobs display will contain jobs ads in either English or Greek.

Q) Can I use any colour for the text and background?

A) Yes. Just paste the html color code into the input box or select it from the colour picker.

Q) I cannot change any of the widget colours, some selections are disabled. What’s wrong?

A) You need to change the setting Use Example Widget Styles to No. If you want to customise your widget with the advanced settings then setting this to No will remove the current example widget style allowing you to make changes.

Q) I want to use the scroll bar on my widget, but when I select “on”, it does not display.

A) You need to change the setting Use Auto Scroll to Off. The scroll bar will only display if the auto scroll is not in use.

Q) How do I change the font?

A) Simply type in the name of the font in the box provided. Enter your desired fonts, seperated by commas, into the Enter font face text box.
e.g. arial,sans-serif

Q) I want to customise the widget further – can I change some attributes from the embed code?

A) Yes – You can change some of the options in the embed code but please take care to follow the code carefully so as not to cause problems displaying.

Q) I have added the embed code to my website and some other widgets on my page have stopped working –  why?

A) This can sometimes be caused by a conflict with multiple instances of jQuery – you may be already using it on your page for other widgets or features of your page.

Q) Do you offer full support?

A) No sorry it’s a free tool – however if you can copy and paste then you can add this widget to your website.

Q) Do I have to register to use this widget?

A) No – registration is not required.

Q) Can I remove the bottom link?

A) No – the bottom back link must remain in place and is required.