SBA Police Drone: Bird Trappers Beware [Video]

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SBA Police Drone: Bird Trappers Beware [Video]
Added: 22-09-2017 19:44

Watch clear drone footage from the SBA Police's new tool aimed at stopping bird trappers in their tracks.

With a vast and often isolated area to cover the SBA Police have the difficult task of catching those determined to break the law. Now with new technology the message from the police is clear "to anyone thinking of engaging in illegal activity but more specifically in bird trapping, be aware that we will be out both day and night to catch you.”

The Chinese built drone has night vision capabilities, can cover a distance of seven kilometers, flies at a height of up to 500 meters, can reach speeds of 80 km per hour and can carry up to three cameras with an overall flying time of 38 minutes.

"The SBA Police are absolutely committed to targeting anybody involved in illegal bird trapping and we will use all legal methods in order to do this,” Chief Superintendent Jon Ward said at a demonstration arranged for the press on Thursday.

"As part of that strategy to target these criminals, we have purchased a drone which will allow us to work at both night and during the day, to gather evidence and use it to work with officers on the ground to target individuals engaged in illegal activity,” Ward added.

Watch the demo video below:

Video Source: Reporter

The video is a demonstration of the capabilities of the drone in a scenario specifically constructed by the police.

Video & Screenshot: Reporter
Added: 22-09-2017


SBA Police Drone: Bird Trappers Beware [Video]

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