Airlines warn customers about scams spreading on Facebook

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Airlines warn customers about scams spreading...
Added: 25-08-2017 03:30

Warnings have been issued over the rise of fake flight competitions doing the rounds on Facebook. Both EasyJet & Ryanair have posted messages on Facebook in recent days alerting customers to the dangers of clicking & sharing such posts on social media.

One such scam posting offers two free flights for each customer to celebrate EasyJet's 22nd anniversary and includes an image of an EasyJet boarding pass. The ad prompts users to take part in a three-step survey and claims to 'only have 332 tickets left' to issue.

It then invites users to share the offer on Facebook in order to claim the prize - thus gaining access to further information and allowing the scam to go viral.

The scam site that the advert links to - - also includes a selection of false comments from 'customers' who say they 'won' the tickets.

A spokesperson for the budget airline said: “EasyJet is aware of this fake Facebook competition and can confirm this is not a genuine EasyJet ticket giveaway."

Similarly Ryanair issued a warning yesterday on Facebook about an almost identical scam which linked to another scam site -

It too invited Facebook users to claim two free tickets on account of the airline's '32 year' anniversary - despite the fact that the carrier is actually only 23 years old.

Posting on Facebook Ryanair said: "Warning, don't be fooled by this scam page. This is not an official Ryanair account or promotion. Remember, if it doesn’t have the ‘blue tick’ verification, it’s not the official Ryanair account."

Added: 25-08-2017

Airlines warn customers about scams spreading on Facebook

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