This is the island of love, after all…

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This is the island of love, after all…
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Tuesday morning broke with news of a hijacked EgyptAir plane which was diverted and landed on our fair isle. This coincided with the news of the EU top dog Martin Schultz’s visit to the island. Schultz visit fell off the radar as the hijacking story developed during the day.

The initial reports claimed that the hijacker had taken over the plane and the passengers, and asked to be directed to Cyprus, as his ex-wife was here. The allegations continued that he handed over a letter to be given to her. By this time, Twitter activity on the issue had shot through the roof.

People were hash-tagging Cyprus, EgyptAir and the flight name and offering jibes at what the man did in order to win his ex-wife back. There were cartoons, memes and all sorts of satirical jokes; the Egyptian Foreign Ministry went as far as to announce, “He is not a terrorist, he’s an idiot”.

Women were tweeting and commenting by saying that whilst this man hijacked a plane, they were still waiting for their beaux to text back. The comments were endless. One of my colleagues jokingly said that the man had ‘set the bar high’ for other guys.

And it got me thinking… This incident may or may not have anything to do with ‘love’… no one could know this man’s state of mind. But the tweets drove my thoughts in this direction. How far are we willing to go for love? Hijack a plane??

The passengers and cabin crew were probably scared out of their wits, the people on the ground at the airport were worried, security officials were preparing to storm the plane if necessary… Put all of these to one side – what about the ex-wife. If I was her I would be mortified! Seriously!

My mortification would have deepened further, especially after my President indicated jokingly that women were ‘always’ behind these problems! President Anastasiades made the statements in the presence of the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, drawing more attention to the issue! Way to go, Mr...

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This is the island of love, after all…

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