TV presenter hits back at breastfeeding photo critics

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TV presenter hits back at breastfeeding photo...
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Local television presenter and actress Melanie Steliou has hit back at people who took to Facebook to criticise her because she uploaded a picture of herself breastfeeding her baby at Larnaca Airport.

Complaints led to Facebook temporarily removing the photo while Melanie, who is also an actress, was bombarded with negative messages, with some telling her to cover up more while breastfeeding and some even making comments of a sexual nature.

Facebook has a policy of supporting photos of women breastfeeding or showing the outcome of a mastectomy and soon made the photo visible again.

The photo in question was of Melanie breastfeeding her baby son at Larnaca Airport and featured a caption by the presenter noting not only how natural it is to breastfeed but also how convenient, as it can take place anytime and anywhere.

Melanie’s caption, written in English, said: “ #breastfeeding #ontheroad #mybabyishungry #bestfeelingintheworld The best thing about breastfeeding is that you don’t have to take anything with you when you are on the road. No bottles, no sterilizes, no formula… Yes we are breastfeeding at the airport… — at Larnaca International Airport”.

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It had originally been uploaded on Instagram after Melanie, a few weeks ago, attended a conference on the battle against child abuse. The presenter took her son, aged just four months at the time, with her as he is exclusively breastfed.

When the child became hungry, Melanie began to breastfeed him at the conference, only to hear two women behind making comments such as: “Isn’t she ashamed to breastfeed in front of all these people” and “She should just not have come”.

So, a few days later, when Melanie was waiting...

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TV presenter hits back at breastfeeding photo critics

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