Eco-ashtrays now on Paralimni beaches

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Eco-ashtrays now on Paralimni beaches
Added: 17-07-2017 13:05

In an attempt to keep Paralimni beaches free of cigarette butts the municipality has installed five eco-ashtray stations according to a press release by the muncipality.

According to the announcement the municipality decided unanimously to establish the ecological ashtrays as the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. The main benefits of this solution is that it helps to solve the pollution problem of butts, it maintains a balance between all the beach users' needs (smoking and non). In addition the scheme will ensure the safety of small children and the protection of the marine ecosystem.

The municipality are initially placing five stands with the biodegradable plastic cups at strategic points on the busiest beaches in Kapparis & Fig-Tree bay.

Each stand has written instructions, 100 ashtrays and a special waste bin.

Visitors can pick up the plastic ashtray-like cones and stick them in sand or pebbles for the duration of their stay. When leaving, smokers are expected to empty their ashtrays in the bin and put them back on the stands.

Subsidised by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and sponsorship the number of eco-ashtray stations will be extended to other beaches in the municipality area.

Photo Courtesy:  Paralimni Municipality

Eco-ashtrays now on Paralimni beaches

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