Ambulance fined for illegal parking at hospital (PICTURES)

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Ambulance fined for illegal parking at hospital...
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CID officers were dispatched to Nicosia General Hospital on Wednesday to diffuse an embarrassing row between a policewoman and an ambulance driver.

According to reports, a policewoman – working a night shift at the hospital – had apparently parked her car in the ambulance parking bay and then refused to move it when asked to do so.

Seeking to the officer a lesson, the ambulance driver then proceeded to block her in.

The feud escalated when the police officer slapped a parking fine onto the windshield of the ambulance for illegal parking.

Tempers reportedly flared when she then started handing out fines for other cars in the area for illegal parking prompting officers CID headquarters to be dispatched to the hospital to diffuse the row.

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Ambulance fined for illegal parking at hospital (PICTURES)

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