Hospital chemicals in Kourris dam water

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Hospital chemicals in Kourris dam water
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Waste from the Kyperounta sewage system, along with chemicals dumped by the hospital operating in the community end up in the Kourris dam, which supplies three districts with water (Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca).

More specifically, the dam“feeds”the water refinery in Limassol, which covers the needs of the city and 12 municipalities and communities to the west.

In addition, water from the Kourris dam goes to the refinery in Tersefanou, which covers a large part of the water needs of the Larnaca and Nicosia districts.

It is worth noting that the farmers of Kyperounta do not use the processed water for their watering needs, as they consider the water too polluted to use on their plants.

The subject was brought to the surface by the Municipality leader of Kyperounta, Giorgos Panayiotou.

Speaking before the House Interior Affairs Committee, Panayiotou said that “the processed water from the (Kyperounta) sewage system ends up in the Kourris dam”.

“I want to...

Hospital chemicals in Kourris dam water

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