Petition for British victim of domestic abuse in Cyprus

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Petition for British victim of domestic abuse...
Added: 02-03-2017 03:13

A petition has been created to gather support for a British mother living in Cyprus who claims to have been the victim of prolonged domestic abuse. Fearing for the mothers safety and that of her daughter the petition calls on authorities to investigate their desperate plight and allow them to leave the island.

The mother and child are British, both born in Britain and have British passports, the father is from the Middle East.

The petition paints a bleak picture of extensive physical & mental abuse coupled with a total lack of assistance at every level. Clearly frustrated and at the mercy of system they don't understand whilst living in constant fear of further attacks the details are now being made public.

In the petiton it states "they are living every day in terror under a cloud of fear and stress, the Mother has been repeatedly assaulted, stalked and harassed by a violent criminal..."

Despite attempts to seek help both before and after various assaults occurred the petition claims that Cyprus Police "persistently refused to listen to the woman's many reports of threats and assaults which have escalated to death threats.."

In addition several allegations are also directed towards unnamed officers at the Ayia Napa Police station for their role in the on going situation.

The petition which has also been highlighted on the Cypriot news site OffSite asks for the following:

"..we hereby Petition the Attorney General in Cyprus, The Minister for Justice and Public Order and the Chief Of Police in Cyprus to immediately investigate this case and ensure that this family are protected from harm and receive access to Justice in the Cypriot Courts, we demand the child be removed from the Stop List and be allowed to travel freely as is her right, we petition the UK Foreign Office to examine this situation and ensure that their citizens in Cyprus are protected"

Whilst there have been some developments in recent days the authors of the petition are seeking to build on the over 1,700 signatures it has already received:

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Petition for British victim of domestic abuse in Cyprus

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