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Sharing experience
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In an effort to bring more activities to Limassol’s old town and promote various art forms, an innovative team of young Limassolians has joined forces and created ‘Beat Παζάρ’ (Beat Bazaar) to allow participants to learn new skills and provide trainers with a new teaching experience.

The exhibition, event and workshop space opened its doors at the beginning of February and collaborates with the traditional Cypriot café Mallon Glikis (Rather Sweet). Mallon Glikis provides its large, light and airy upstairs area as the workshop space. With its big windows and balconies overlooking a small alley by the old market, it is a perfect backdrop for creativity in all its forms. The cafe’s and the bazaar’s unique decor are both the work of interior designer Andreas Aristodemou. Beat Bazaar’s first monthly calendar of events saw courses in the study of the naked body, papermaking and still life.

Coffeeshop culture

Mallon Glikis was opened three years ago, looking to keep some of the traditional aspects of Cyprus food, drink and culture alive. It is run by Maria Kyriakidou and Konstantinos Aristodemou.  Maria is an artist who studied at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. She will be sharing her own artistic skills during a workshop in March.

“Our vision is to provide a place where people can relax and share their creativity,” she says. “We want our space to be a real cultural centre where people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome and connect the old traditional ways of living with today’s ways.

“The entire team with the support of their friends and families are making great contributions to transmit the Cypriot culture experiences to today’s young people.”

Affordable courses

The joint venture, created by the café and the Beat Bazaar, offers courses that run for a month each at around €60 per month for twice-weekly, two-hour lessons from 8 to 10 pm.

“We want to make it affordable and the relatively short duration of each course...

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Sharing experience

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