Cyprus to celebrate Independence Day on Sunday

Cyprus to celebrate Independence Day on Sunday
Cyprus to celebrate Independence Day on Sunday
Added: 24-09-2023 15:42

The Republic of Cyprus will celebrate the 63rd anniversary since the declaration of its independence this coming Sunday, 1st October 2023.

As is usual with this public holiday, you can expect to see church services, celebrations and parades in all towns.

A large military parade will take place in Nicosia, with members of the National Guard and many other units and groups participating. Usually including a helicopter flyover, tanks and other armoury will be on display in the presence of the country’s political, religious and military leadership. The parade will also be attended by foreign diplomats and military attachés.

Cyprus actually gained independence from Britain on August 16th 1960, but marks the anniversary every year on October 1st. Commemorations were moved to October in the early 1960s to avoid the hot summer holiday season. Greek Cypriots did not celebrate independence as a national holiday until 1979.

The Cyprus national flag features a map of the entirety of the island, with two olive branches below on a white background, intended to signify peace & harmony between Greek & Turkish Cypriots.  The map on the flag is a copper-orange colour, symbolizing the large deposits of copper ore on the island. The design, by local artist İsmet Güney, was chosen through a national competition that had various strict requirements.


Photo: Greg Montani
Added: 24-09-2023

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Cyprus to celebrate Independence Day on Sunday

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