81.2% of Cypriot adults considers their health to be “good”

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81.2% of Cypriot adults considers their health...
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Some 81.2% of the Cyprus population aged over 15 considers their health to be very good or good, 13.6% mediocre, and 5.2% bad or very bad, according to a report published by the Cyprus Statistical Service.

According to an official announcement, the report includes data regarding the health condition of the population, longterm diseases, accidents, physical condition, the self-service of needs, emotional condition, the use of health services, smoking, drinking, and other general health data.

The report says that the most common longterm diseases that present themselves in the population are hypertension, back problems, neck problems, allergies, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and asthma. And 82.2% of those asked said they are in a condition to carry out all their daily personal activities, such as arranging for food, sitting and getting up from the bed, getting dressed, bathing, and using the toilet without any difficulties.

The percentage of the population which has been hospitalised  during the past 12 months is 7.6%, while 62% have visited a specialist doctor or surgeon, and 12.4% a general or family doctor.

In addition, the report says that 45.2% of the population has visited a dentist or orthodontist in the past 12 months.

The use of prescription medication during the past two weeks was reported by 32.8% of the population, while among those above 15 years of age, the majority (70.9%) said they don’t smoke at all. While 25.7% said they smoke on a daily basis, and 3.4% said they smoke occasionally.

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81.2% of Cypriot adults considers their health to be “good”

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