Watermelon Festival 2022 - Frenaros

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Watermelon Festival 2022 - Frenaros
Added: 26-06-2022 02:46

The 13th Pancyprian Cultural Watermelon Festival will take place at the Community Stadium of Frenaros - Frenaros village on Friday July 8th 2022.

This free festival will feature live music, dance performances, activities for children as well as food, drinks and sweets such as watermelon delights and ice-cream.

During the event they will be showcasing the different types of watermelons, traditional products plus craft exhibitions.

Of course there will be lots of watermelon halloumi, watermelon ice cream, watermelon cocktails and other watermelon based culinary delights to surprise you.

The night is set for a traditional festival in honour of a very summery fruit and will certainly give visitors plenty to see, do and eat!

When Is The Watermelon Festival In Frenaros?

Friday, July 8th, 8:15pm

Frenaros Community Stadium, Frenaros, Famagusta

Free Entrance


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Watermelon Festival 2022 - Frenaros

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