DICKRAN OUZOUNIAN CO.LTD – At the heart of Toyota history

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DICKRAN OUZOUNIAN CO.LTD – At the heart of...
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The history of Dickran Ouzounian and Co.Ltd, exclusive representative of Toyota and Lexus, harks back to the 19th century.

In 1896, an Armenian visionary and entrepreneur, Dickran Ouzounian, found refuge in Cyprus, fleeing Ottoman rule in Dicranakert, Diyarbakir, Turkey.

In 1962, Dickran Ouzounian and Co.Ltd, received the first 20 Toyota vehicles at the Limassol port.

Toyota was still a relatively small internationally unknown automaker. Three years later, the deal was signed, establishing Dickran Ouzounian as Toyota’s authorised dealer in Cyprus.

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DICKRAN OUZOUNIAN CO.LTD – At the heart of Toyota history

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