Cyprus experiences digital shortfall

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Cyprus experiences digital shortfall
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Cyprus has jumped on the bandwagon of the information age, but recent data show that more than half of Greek Cypriots lack digital skills while a quarter of them never go online.

Despite local telecoms companies competing over customers with super speeds and new service packages in the pipeline, fast internet in Cyprus is still the most expensive in the European Union.

About three quarters of the population in the Republic of Cyprus actually have a paid subscription to fast internet.

According to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), 84% of Cyprus households are linked to a broadband network while 69% subscribe to broadband services.

Only 43% of Greek Cypriots have internet skills according to DESI, which shows that while users go online for a number of activities, they show less interest in economic activities.

Only 29% of local users engage in online banking while the EU average is 57%.

And 32% of Greek Cypriots buy things with just a few clicks from the comfort of their own home, compared to 65% of online shoppers in the EU.

Low participation in economic activity online has been correlated with a significant lack of trust in digital economy on the island.

But Cypriots do not hold back when it comes to news, entertainment, and online communication.

According to websites collecting and analysing web traffic in different countries, social media, movies and porn websites get most of the traffic in Cyprus, along with local news websites, video chat services, online gaming, and music.

In fact, more Greek Cypriots on average conduct non-economic activities online compared to their counterparts in the EU.

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Cyprus experiences digital shortfall

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