Clocks go back this weekend - not for the last time

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Clocks go back this weekend - not for the last...
Added: 25-10-2021 03:03

It’s nearly that time of year again when the clocks go back for winter, giving people an extra hour in bed, in a practice that was due to be coming to an end for some EU countries this year.

What time do clocks go back in Cyprus?
Clocks in Cyprus will turn back one hour at 4am on Sunday 31st October 2021, marking the official end of summer time and the start of winter time.

Under a European Commission proposal adopted in September 2019 and backed by the European Parliament, the European Union planned to stop clock changes in 2021. If it had been implemented, the clock change in March 2021 would have been the last one for those EU countries that decided to permanently keep their summer time. Member states that preferred to keep their standard time would have changed the clocks for the last time this coming Sunday.

The European Commission proposed ending the practice after an EU-wide opinion survey showed a large majority of people in favour of doing so. The survey generated 4.6 million responses, with 84% of respondents wanting to end seasonal clock changes. Critics though say the survey was dominated by Germans, who made up the majority of the respondents.

Ultimately, events overtook the plans as countries concentrated on dealing with the pandemic and its fallout. In addition, trying to turn the proposals into law via the complicated mechanisms of the EU resulted in delays and a stalemate. Brexit also adds some further complications, with the UK stating that it had no plans to change the current system, which would then have the potential for creating two different times on the island of Ireland for half the year.

None of the issues though are insurmountable, but it remains to be seen, whether there is the appetite to drive through the changes anytime soon.

Added: 25-10-2021

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Clocks go back this weekend - not for the last time

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