Coronavirus: ‘Flawed’ medical advice blamed for death of 47-year-old

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Coronavirus: ‘Flawed’ medical advice blamed for...
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A friend of a 47-year-old man who died from Covid-19 says he could have been saved if he had not listened to a particular doctor who had also prescribed medicines and apparently made him believe there was no need to go to hospital.

A close friend of father of three Giorgos Demetriou, who died on Wednesday after battling the virus for around a month, said he had no underlying health problems and was strong enough to knock down a wall.

Vasos Vasilliou said his friend had refused to go to hospital, following the advice of his doctor who is a Harvard graduate.

“It will pass, I am taking the...

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Coronavirus: ‘Flawed’ medical advice blamed for death of 47-year-old

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