Greece, Cyprus, Israel, send “Nautical Geo” for research in Crete

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Greece, Cyprus, Israel, send “Nautical Geo” for...
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On Sunday, August 1, the seismic and underwater surveys for East Med begun off the coast of Crete.

A relevant NAVTEX was issued a few days ago by the Heraklion station for the research vessel “Nautical Geo”.

The vessel has been leased from Greece, Cyprus and Israel and will be in the wider area off Crete, in order to carry out scientific research, according to NAVTEX.

The surveys, which include bottom imaging and recording, seismic data recording and other related underwater surveys, will be conducted in the eastern Cretan Sea, off Ierapetra, as...

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Greece, Cyprus, Israel, send “Nautical Geo” for research in Crete

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