Parking fines, Brexit and Barnet FC

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Parking fines, Brexit and Barnet FC
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Cyprus is enjoying a bumper tourism season with the three-million visitor barrier expected to be smashed before the year is out.

So I want every Cypriot to be on their best behaviour and be nice to the tourists and try not to rip them off or get into any fights.

I don’t usually like travelling in August. While everyone was heading for the Island of Love (yes, everybody loves everybody here) I was going in the opposite direction.

I had stuff to do in London, like sort my eldest son out for university (Poundland has wonderful bargains) and see the family.

Visiting Britain never feels like you’re in Europe, so Brexit seemed like a different country.

I tried to avoid any discussion about it. Casually someone asked me what I thought, I tried to be diplomatic and say it wouldn’t be so easy to travel in the future.

I stopped there as I could see it turning into an argument as others started to join in.

Let’s just say London sells itself as a World City, rather than a European one. And as a major city you end up spending more than you bargained for. Rather than rowing over Brexit, I am currently in discussion with Barnet Council over a £30 parking fine I should never have been issued.

I parked in a designated area and got a two-hour ticket from the machine and put it on display.

Or so I thought. Returning to my car well within my time, I found a penalty notice stuck to my windscreen.

The ticket I had put on display must have flipped over when I shut the car door, so it wasn’t showing.

I tracked down the traffic warden but “fines can’t be undone”. I would have to appeal.

This is trickier than it sounds. You can’t just phone up the council and complain, the penalty notice must be contested in writing and then bureaucracy must take its course.

To console myself, I decided to go and watch a game; Chelsea were playing on the Monday and I would be gone by then, so I went to watch Barnet FC in League Two.


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Parking fines, Brexit and Barnet FC

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