Tsiknopempti (Smoky Thursday) celebrated this week

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Tsiknopempti (Smoky Thursday) celebrated this week
Added: 28-02-2021 02:46

Cypriots in villages and towns across the island will be firing up the grill on Tsiknopempti (Smoky Thursday) which falls on Thursday this week (March 4th).

The name Tsiknopempti (Τσικνοπέμπτη) comes from the Greek words Tsikna (τσίκνα), which is the smell of grilled/burning meat, and  Pempti (Πέμπτη ), which means Thursday.

It is usually part of the traditional Carnival celebrations in the run-up to Lent in Cyprus and Greece - though this year will be a much more muted affair with the various restrictions in place.

Tsiknopempti is the second to last Thursday before Lent and on this day, large amounts of meat are traditionally consumed prior to the arrival of Lent, the fasting season leading up to Easter.

In the Greek Orthodox tradition, fasting on Wednesday and Friday is important, therefore Thursday is the best day for Tsiknopempti. Tsiknopempti is celebrated 11 days before Green Monday (or Ash Monday).

Smoky Thursday can also be known as Stinky Thursday or Barbeque Thursday.

Author: NewsinCyprus.com
Added: 28-02-2021

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Tsiknopempti (Smoky Thursday) celebrated this week

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