Turkish Cypriot Hardliner Wins Elections in Occupied Territory

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Turkish Cypriot Hardliner Wins Elections in...
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Occupied north Nicosia. Credit: Ozan Huseyin/Wikimedia commons

Ersin Tatar, a hardline Turkish Cypriot politician who favors closer ties with Turkey, has won on Sunday the race to lead a country that is only recognized by Ankara.

Turkish Cypriot broadcaster BRT says with 84% of the votes counted, Ersin Tatar secured 52.12% of the vote compared to 47.88% for the incumbent Mustafa Akinci.

Tatar, 60, advocates fully aligning Turkish Cypriot policies with those of Turkey, the region’s patron, who invaded Cyprus in 1974 and established soon after the illegal so-called Turkish Cypriot Republic....

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Turkish Cypriot Hardliner Wins Elections in Occupied Territory

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