Sirens will sound on the 46th anniversary

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Sirens will sound on the 46th anniversary
Added: 14-07-2020 13:45

The Republic of Cyprus will mark the 46th anniversary of the coup against Archbishop Makarios with sirens tomorrow, Wednesday 15th July 2020. Like every year, sirens will sound in every district at 8:20am, the time the coup began.

Then on Monday, July 20th 2020, the sirens will again be activated this time at 5:30am, the time the Turkish invasion started.

Heavily armed Turkish forces landed on the northern coast of Kyrenia at dawn on July 20, 1974, five days after the government of the late Archbishop Makarios was toppled by a military coup engineered by the military junta then ruling Greece. In a two-phase invasion and despite repeated calls by the UN Security Council, Turkey occupied 37% of the sovereign territory of Cyprus.

The Cyprus Civil Defence Force will activate the sirens of the Public Warning System, which are installed in all areas of the Republic.

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Sirens will sound on the 46th anniversary

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