The Yurt experience (PICTURES)

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The Yurt experience (PICTURES)
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We drove through the winding roads heading towards Simou village in the Paphos area in anticipation to spend some time within one of the three Mongolian yurts nested aside the Paphos Forest and the Evretou Dam.

And although the sudden appearance of a smokey sky above Polis rang alarm bells as we made our way closer, it’s perhaps the very fact that we were to spend the next couple of days alongside Mother Nature that somehow soothed me.

Nature was suffering and as we settled in our yurt, smelling and looking out for the chain of smoke that hovered above us, the overwhelming silence surrounding us instilled even more respect for nature’s abundance, and in this case, dignity.

Looking back, Pawel Sikorski’s words still echo in my mind: “It was a little boy’s dream; I had this idea of creating a sanctuary; for people to go somewhere and reconnect with themselves and nature.” The coincidence of us arriving on a weekend when one of the biggest fires in Cyprus’ history was in full force, reconnecting with nature was certainly implored, yet in truth, the Yurts of Cyprus awake nuances that merely remind us of nature’s standing and how much it has to offer.

Finding a home

Sikorski opened his premises in February 2014, after having exhausted his career working in hotel management at the Hilton Hotels in the UK.

As an avid rock climber, it was the climbing routes in Inia that initially led him to the area, but the land he eventually chose to materialise his dream was the result of various trials and errors throughout his exploration of the island.

His first attempt at establishing his ‘sanctuary’ took place in the village of Annadiou based on the idea that this could be done by restoring houses in abandoned Turkish Cypriot villages or potentially by creating mud houses, tree houses or even by using existing caves.

“The yurts were somewhere along my thoughts, but I found them very expensive,” admits Sikorski, and it was only...

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The Yurt experience (PICTURES)

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