Isaac Comnenos, the Emperor of Cyprus

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Isaac Comnenos, the Emperor of Cyprus
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Isaac Komnenos or Comnenus (c. 1155 – 1195/1196), ruled Cyprus from 1184 to 1191, before Richard the Lionheart, King of England conquered the island during the Third Crusade.

Ancestors of Isaac Comnenus 

At the death of Byzantine emperor John II Komnenos in 1143, the throne passed not to his third and oldest living son, Isaac Komnenos, but his youngest son, Manuel I Komnenos, who successfully claimed the throne.

Isaac nevertheless served amiably as sebastokrator, and his first wife Theodora Kamaterina (d. 1144) bore him a daughter, Irene Komnene, and other children. Irene Komnene married an...

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Isaac Comnenos, the Emperor of Cyprus

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