New modern bus shelters coming to Paphos

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New modern bus shelters coming to Paphos
Added: 15-08-2019 15:03
Paphos will shortly see the installation of 173 modern bus stops in an effort to contribute to the improvement of the city's image and to provide modern services to the public.

One year after the Municipality of Paphos started the process, everything is now ready for the installation of these new stops, reports Phileleftheros.

The 173 points have been categorized into three categories, depending on whether the bus stops can accommodate eight expected passengers or four or whether they are simply places without a shelter but only a sign indicating a bus stop.

The preferred bidder will bear the cost of installing the stops, their maintenance and any repairs that may be needed during the 10 year contract.

After the expiry of the contract, the bus stops will be delivered to the municipality in a fully operational state.

The new shelters will use modern materials in their state-of-the-art construction and will meet European standards. They will offer Wi-Fi, bus route information and include advertising display screens.

In places where there is only a bus stop and no shelter it is up to the preferred bidder whether to place a shelter there or to maintain the existing situation due to low traffic.

A similar country wide initiative is being promoted by the Ministry of Transport.

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Source: Phileleftheros
Added: 15-08-2019

New modern bus shelters coming to Paphos

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