Refugees or Fighters? Photos Published

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Refugees or Fighters? Photos Published
Added: 07-09-2018 23:42

Two photos of armed fighters have been obtained by Cypriot newspaper "Politis", featuring Syrians who arrived as refugees in Cyprus.

The report in Politis states that during a random check on asylum seekers’ mobile phones at the Kokkinotrimithia refugee accommodation centre, Cypriot authorities found several saved photos of Syrians who are applying for asylum.

The newspaper obtained two photographs, both showing men dressed in black holding AK-47s. One of the men is seen raising his index finger – often considered as a “salute” among Islamic State fighters and other jihadists. The refugees in question reportedly came from Dara province, which was liberated by the Syrian army in July.

The photo on the left was identified as a person who came to Cyprus (on whose mobile phone it was found). The photo on the right shows a person posing with a gun and gun belt - they too are believed to have entered Cyprus as a refugee but have as yet to be identified.

All the photos, including the two below, are being examined by Cypriot authorities and the suspected Syrians are under surveillance - they will be required to explain the images.

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Photos: Politis
Added: 08-09-2018

Refugees or Fighters? Photos Published

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