Tougher penalties for traffic offences planned

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Tougher penalties for traffic offences planned
Added: 27-06-2018 19:45

The Ministry of Justice are promoting a series of bills aimed at sharply increasing penalties for traffic offences according to reports in local media.

The bills are currently in the final stages of the legislative review and are expected to be brought before the House for approval after the summer recess.

According to the reports details are still being finalized but some of the measures under discussion include:

Increase fine for driving without a seat belt or helmet from €85 to €300
Increase fine for traffic light violations from €85 to €200
Increase fine for using a mobile whilst driving from €85 to €300
Increase fine for parking on a pavement to €150
Increase fine for speeding, increase in points and change excess speed calculation from €1 per km to €5 per km
Increase penalty for abandoning a fatal accident scene to 10 years imprisonment and € 30,000 fine
Increase penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

The changes are based on a study prepared by the Law Department of the University of Cyprus, which concluded that no matter the penalties, if drivers did not think they would be dealt with harshly to the upper limits of the law when they were caught, they would continue to kill and maim.

The study had showed that penalties for certain offences in Cyprus were the lowest in the EU.

The head of the study, professor Andreas Kapardis, said the main reason for accidents in Cyprus was drink driving in 27 per cent of cases, followed by reckless driving in 23 per cent, overtaking 14 per cent and speeding 13 per cent.

The study also found that during the short time traffic cameras were in use in 2007, accidents fell by 14 per cent - efforts are still underway to reintroduce the cameras.

Added: 27-06-2018

Tougher penalties for traffic offences planned

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