Achna says NO to crocodile park

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Achna says NO to crocodile park
Added: 30-05-2018 08:50

Achna Community Council have decided to withdraw their support for the creation of a crocodile park according to an announcement.

At its meeting yesterday, the council decided to withdraw its support after a vote and noted that this will bring peace and security to the Achna residents.

According to statements by Christina Mathaiou, a member of a group fighting against the creation of a crocodile park in Achna, six councilors were against the park and two supported it.

She said that the main reason for their decision was public opinion about the creation of the park especially after the meeting to inform residents about the controversial issue on 27th April.

She added that the government is responsible for granting the license, since the company has not yet made the request.

As Mrs Matthaiou said, "We expect the government and the competent bodies to listen to the community's decision and not to accept the creation of the park."

She pointed out that the creation of such a park would be detrimental to the environment of Cyprus since it requires 80 tonnes of water per day, which is prohibitive for a country suffering from water scarcity.

The Community Council announced that at a meeting on May 29, 2018 the Achna Community Council  had revoked its support for the Crocodile Park in Achna.

They called on the State to respect the decision of the Community Council and the inhabitants of Achna and to reject any request made for the creation of a crocodile park in Achna but also anywhere else in Cyprus.

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Added: 30-05-2018

Achna says NO to crocodile park

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