Police book over 1400 drivers in Nicosia yesterday

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Police book over 1400 drivers in Nicosia yesterday
Added: 20-04-2018 15:50

One thousand four hundred and six drivers were reported for various traffic offences on Thursday as police continued localised & targeted campaigns in Cyprus.

Specifically in Nicosia, members of the police conducted traffic stops during a campaign aimed at reducing road traffic collisions, as well as increasing the sense of security of citizens.

The results of Thursday's traffic stops on Nicosia's highways and secondary roads were as follows:

  • 510 drivers reported for speed limit violations

  • 256 drivers reported for not having road tax

  • 360 drivers reported for traffic light violations

  • 280 drivers reported for various unspecified road traffic offences

Also, during the police traffic stops, a driver who had been driving at a speed of 183km/h was found to be more than three times the drink drive limit. Another driver was booked for travelling at 170km/h on a road with a 100km/h speed limit.

The police also transported a pregnant woman safely to hospital.

Author: NewsinCyprus.com
Added: 20-04-2018

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Police book over 1400 drivers in Nicosia yesterday

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