Support for Paralimni Mayor over beach legal action

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Support for Paralimni Mayor over beach legal...
Added: 19-04-2018 01:58

Paralimni Mayor Theodoros Pyrillis presented himself to the police on Tuesday to answer allegations that he illegally intervened in the coastal protection zone areas of Paralimni.

According to Mr Pyrillis, he has not been informed who made the complaint, whilst confirming that the police have indicated that he is accused as a private person and not as a Mayor. It is understood that the complaint relates to earthworks at Skoutari Beach (Malama Beach) in the Kapparis area.

Mr Pyrillis clarified that works on the coastal areas concern unanimous decisions of the Municipal Council for which legal advice was requested from private lawyers as they do not have the right to receive an opinion from the Attorney General.

Meanwhile, at an extraordinary meeting of the Municipal Council of Paralimni held on Wednesday, total support was offered and a statement issued:

"The Municipal Council of Paralimni expresses regret that the Mayor is in the uncomfortable position to be personally prosecuted for the work of the Municipality, which was executed following decisions of the Municipal Council and after obtaining a legal opinion that these works did not violate any legislation. The Council expresses its support and solidarity with the Mayor and his family, and will be at his side in all appearances in court."

Support was also offered by the Mayor of Ayia Napa, Yiannis Karousos, who questioned why the Mayor of Paralimni was being prosecuted as a private individual. In the statement, posted on social media, he urged other mayors to reflect on the issue and understand what the consequences will be to how they operate considering these latest developments.

He added that the role of Mayor has been "skewed, scarcely respected" and he wondered whether it was worth it if it leads to sitting in a court, irrespective of whether the person is found to be innocent.

He concluded by adding: "Theodoros Pyrillis, you have my full sympathy and support. I will stand next to you throughout this process."

Pyrillis has previously defended the right of his municipality to carry out earthworks on beaches within its jurisdiction, which he said aim to provide unhindered public access.

His comments came in response to an announcement last month by the Ministry of Interior that it had reported Paralimni Municipality to the police for unauthorised earthworks on Skoutari beach and that legal measures would follow.

Pyrillis added that the hotels had taken over large pieces of state land and obstructed access from one side of the beach to the other, thus violating the basic principle of the law on the protection of beaches.

“Anyone today can walk along the entire beach front of Paralimni, from the buffer zone to Cape Greco. This was our goal,” Pyrillis said.

He added that the municipal council is very proud of its decisions.

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Added: 19-04-2018

Support for Paralimni Mayor over beach legal action

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