Police book nearly 800 drivers in Limassol in 14hrs

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Police book nearly 800 drivers in Limassol in...
Added: 18-03-2018 01:53

The major problem of compliance with traffic laws and regulations was demonstrated again on Friday, this time in the Limassol district.

According to a police announcement, in just 14 hours, 796 drivers were reported and 55 were issued warnings for various road traffic offences.

Some fall into the category of the most important causes of fatal accidents, such as excessive speed, negligent and careless driving, traffic light and traffic sign violations and failure to wear a seat belt or helmet.

Specifically it was stated that the results included: 108 drivers reported for speed limit violations, 77 for mobile phone use while driving, 102 for traffic light and traffic sign violations and 114 for not wearing a seat belt or helmet. The remaining drivers were reported for other unspecified traffic offences.

During the campaign two drivers also failed a preliminary Narcotest.

Some examples of dangerous driving that the police encountered were given and included:

"a person was identified as travelling as a passenger in the cargo area of ​​a double-cab vehicle, whilst an 18-year-old driver, with just ten days of experience as a licensed driver, was travelling at 160 km / h instead of 100."

Another driver was found to be driving a crane on the highway at a speed of only 41 km per hour whilst the minimum speed limit is 65 km per hour.

In addition to traffic offences, other offences were detected in four cases during the inspections.

The most serious case was the identification of a wanted person, who was found to be driving an unregistered vehicle with fake number plates.

The campaign was conducted on Friday from 6am until 8pm in the Limassol district with officers from Limassol Traffic Police, members of the Police Traffic Division, motorcycle officers and members of the Limassol Police Division.

Author: NewsinCyprus.com
Added: 18-03-2018

Police book nearly 800 drivers in Limassol in 14hrs

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