Phil Parker: The man behind the camera

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Phil Parker: The man behind the camera
Added: 12-03-2018 12:15

If you are following our Views Of Cyprus series of stunning photos you may be wondering who is the man behind the camera?

Phil Parker is one of the most unassuming and humble people you are likely to meet and even the briefest conversations reveals his real sense of passion and love for photography.

Born in Ambleside in the Lake District, 65-yr-old Phil worked for 37 years in various Lakeland Slate Quarries. Sixteen years of working the night shift, sixty hours per week in one of the most exposed locations in the UK, where winter night temperatures could drop to around -20 degrees. The Lake District is the wettest part of England, with average annual rainfall totals exceeding 2,000mm (80 in) - a complete contrast to his current home in the district of Larnaca.

Married to Shirley, a talented painter, for 44 years, they have a grown up son and daughter and two grandchildren. Together they fell in love with Cyprus and eventually purchased a property off-plan over a decade ago.

So after taking early retirement at 63, Phil did what he had always dreamed of on those long cold nights, he moved to Cyprus. Two years after the move, Phil & Shirley certainly have no regrets and are loving the relaxed pace of life the island offers.

Phil didn't take up photography as a hobby until he was in his fifties starting with a basic camera and even now describes himself as an "just an amateur". It wasn't until later that he treated himself to a Canon 650D camera with a 70-300 zoom lens.

When Phil retired he upgraded his camera again moving to a Nikon P900 bridge camera, mainly for the massive zoom. With the zoom, he explained that he can get sharp close ups from quite a distance away adding that he has no technical ability so prefers to use the auto settings.

Phil explained that he loves nothing more than heading out from home in the morning ready to capture some of the abundant nature he sees all around him. The intrepid duo can often be found clambering over rocks, or standing patiently statue-like to get that unique shot.

Ten years ago last week, Phil (Badger) joined the Cyprus Eastern Forum and virtually eight years ago to the day he started uploading a selection of photos to a Daily Photo Thread. As Phil put it "the pleasure I get from my photos is knowing that people are enjoying them".

In reality i'm unsure as to whether Phil appreciates how welcomed his photos are with many people commenting that the photos brighten up their days!

Phil concluded that "through NewsInCyprus, the Cyprus Eastern Forum, Facebook & Flickr more people are seeing and from the comments are enjoying my photos - as long as they do i'll keep taking and posting them."

We certainly love the stunning photos Phil and thank you for sharing them!

Want to see more of his photos?
Check out Phil's Flickr page  or visit our Facebook Album where we have posted more of his stunning images.

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Added: 12-03-2018

Phil Parker: The man behind the camera

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