Police looking at confiscating vehicles and increased fines

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Police looking at confiscating vehicles and...
Added: 11-03-2018 14:33

The police, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, are looking at further measures to clamp down on "boy racers" in particular and dangerous drivers in general according to reports in local media.

Specifically suggestions include the confiscation of vehicles in cases of dangerous driving and increased fines for using a mobile or other hand-held device whilst driving.

According to the latest information, the competent ministry has already sought an opinion from the Attorney General regarding the subject of retention of vehicles. They will take into account the response of the Legal Service and if they receive the "green light" they intend to move this proposal into practice.

If a driver is identified by the police as driving dangerously, the police may remove the vehicle with a crane and the owner would be required to pay the costs.

When the car is confiscated, action will be taken through the courts so that the person can not continue to drive until necessary examinations and arrangements are made.

The police have also been highlighting, through the use of frequent campaigns, the problem of drivers using their mobile phones whilst driving. Given the seriousness of the problem the police have therefore made the suggestion of increasing the penalties in these cases.

Author: NewsinCyprus.com
Added: 11-03-2018

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Police looking at confiscating vehicles and increased fines

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