Paphos infant declared dead then found to be alive

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Paphos infant declared dead then found to be alive
Added: 20-02-2018 01:57

A shocking incident took place at the Paphos General Hospital concerning a 3-month old infant who had been declared dead before being found to be alive.

According to a TVONE Cyprus news bulletin, the 3-month old baby had been brought into the hospital by the infant's Romanian father due to the child's frequent vomiting, which he had started to choke on. The infant was immediately treated by a paediatrician and an anaesthesiologist who attempted to clear his airway in order to allow him to breathe.

As reported in the news bulletin, the infant had no pulse for more than 45 minutes despite the persistent efforts of the doctors on duty.

The doctors then informed the infant's parents that he could not be revived and unfortunately had died.

However, prior to the infant being transferred to the morgue, a hospital nurse noticed the baby's red-coloured cheeks and surprisingly detected a pulse.

Doctors were immediately called in, where they intubated the infant, before transferring him to Makarios Hospital in Nicosia.

According to the news bulletin the baby remains in a critical condition.

Additional: TVONE, OffSite, Cyprus Times
Updated: 20-02-2018 16:30

Paphos infant declared dead then found to be alive

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