Minister: Common crime reduced by 46.5%

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Minister: Common crime reduced by 46.5%
Added: 14-12-2017 18:03

The Minister of Justice and Public Order, Ionas Nicolaou, stated that "with the contribution of community policing and cooperation between citizens and police, as well as with the other measures that the Police are gradually implementing, we have succeeded in reducing common crime, ie thefts, burglaries and property destruction by 46.5%."

Speaking at a Neighborhood Watch event in Ayia Napa on Tuesday, Mr. Nikolas said that "the reduction of thefts and burglaries is expected to be even greater, with the expansion and implementation of the centralised alarm system."

He explained that the centralised alarm system "will connect the alarm system installed in your premises with the Police, so that the Police response time is much less than the time required today, which will act as a deterrent to crime" .

According to a statement issued by the Minister of Justice he confirmed that "beyond the implementation of this system, the reduction of crime in the Ayia Napa area is expected to increase further by placing security cameras at central locations in the square which will be connected to the Police Station."

He continued, "With the recruitment of new members to the Police, policing in the area will be greater, however, you can contribute as Neighborhood Watch, as this institution strengthens our cooperation for immediate and timely intervention and it has a deterrent effect."

"It is a fact that the Neighborhood Watch scheme, which is a pillar of the new model of community policing promoted by the Anastasiades government, is decisively contributing to the prevention of crime" he said.

Adding: "The effectiveness of the [Neighborhood Watch] institution is based on close cooperation between citizens and the police and aims at informing and raising public awareness of the level of personal security and security of its property while at the same time promoting solidarity and supporting the elderly and vulnerable people of every small or large community."

In his address, the Minister of Justice noted the determination to "expand and strengthen the functioning of these institutions for the benefit of society".

He concluded by highlighting the growth of Neighborhood Watch schemes across the island:

In 2012 The Neighborhood Watch scheme was operating in three municipalities with 4,000 registered Neighborhood Watch members.

In 2017 The Neighborhood Watch scheme is operating in 29 municipalities and 256 communities with 90,000 recorded Neighborhood Watch members.

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Added: 14-12-2017

Minister: Common crime reduced by 46.5%

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